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Here at Nutribalm® we always like to extend our warmest wishes to you all. We are dedicated to providing excellence in personal service to all our customers.  Our focus is to continually add value and never compromise our principles.  To show our gratitude for your continued loyalty and trust you place in us, here is a summary of the benefits you will receive by being a part of the World of Nutribalm®!


When you spend £30 or more! For your peace of mind, ALL our deliveries are Couriered, Tracked and Signed For.


If you are purchasing Nutribalm® as a special gift for a loved one, we provide an option at the Checkout to add, a complimentary gift card and chiffon bag to your order! All with our best wishes!


To show our gratitude for your continued loyalty and the trust you place in us, when you spend £60 or more you will have the choice of adding a complimentary gift from us to your basket at the checkout. Choose from a 20 ml NUTRIBALM® RELAX ME or NUTRIBALM® ENERGISE ME.


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We are always delighted and really appreciate our loyal clients/customers, referring us to family, friends and colleagues. As a way of showing our gratitude, every time one of your recommendations* places their first order you will receive a special email, containing a promotional gift code for £10. You may use this voucher at either of our online stores: www.nutribalm.co.uk or www.ninatorina.com.

A great opportunity to pamper yourself!

*You may refer as many friends and you wish. For T&C: Recommend to a Friend


Here at Nutribalm® our focus is to provide outstanding, affordable products backed up by exceptional professional lifestyle advice, expertise and customer service at all times.

As part of adding value for our customers, our goal is to provide reliable, unbiased, informative skin, health and wellbeing articles, throughout our email communications, social media and blog.

We hope you enjoy reading!


When you purchase from Nutribalm Ltd, you can be sure you are buying products made with pure and quality ingredients, FREE from most common allergens, sourced with integrity, and suitable for everyone, so you can be confident we are caring for your skin as well as our precious environment!

I use Nutribalm® Energise Me Skin Balm on my palms, which are dry and eczema prone. Within two days the sore areas cleared and my skin became beautifully soft and healed over very quickly. Nutribalm® melts into the skin and is so rich, only a small amount is needed. It's easily absorbed with no greasy residue. It is lovely as an all-over body balm too. In addition, my 11 year old granddaughter, who also suffers with eczema, loves to use Nutribalm®; it moistens and gently comforts her skin, without leaving a greasy/shiny feel, which increases her confidence. She prefers the feel of Nutribalm® on her skin, compared to creams from her GP/pharmacist.

Viv H. - Mirfield • Yorkshire

Having used both Nutribalm® Relax Me and Nutribalm® Energise Me for over a year now, I can highly recommend them both. They melt beautifully into your skin, making them very pleasant to use. It depends on how I feel as to which I might apply, but I definitely prefer Nutribalm® Relax Me just before bedtime, as the scent is so relaxing and Nutribalm® Energise Me to soothe aches and pains.

Ann L. - Huddersfield • Yorkshire

I have suffered from sciatica, since 2003. I use Nutribalm® as part of my daily routine to help with the pain and flexibility in my back and hips, and have been doing for many years. It helps me to maintain a good quality of life by enabling me to get on with normal everyday activities. I use Nutribalm® Energise Me when I need deep relief from pain as it is more comforting. I use Nutribalm® Relax Me when I need a gentle pick me up as I find it more invigorating. I have also successfully used Nutribalm® for small outbreaks of eczema and my dry skin. I recommend Nutribalm® to friends and family.

Ruth B. - Huddersfield • Yorkshire

Nutribalm® is a luxurious naturally rich balm that is easy to apply, smooth and quickly absorbed leaving a silky feel. With it’s light subtle long lasting fragrance, it’s a great product! Nutribalm® has a fantastic range of uses too, perfect as a body moisturiser and emergency salve for any skin areas needing extra nourishment and a little TLC! A MUST for everyone’s bathroom cabinet and every woman’s handbag! I certainly would not be without mine…Absolutely brilliant!!!

Tracy S. - Mirfield • Yorkshire

I absolutely love Nutribalm®. I love the way Nutribalm® melts into my skin, the fragrance is divine, with amazing results. All the ingredients are so natural, which I always look for in any products I use. It is a 'little something' I cannot be without. So brilliant for dry skin, lips, nails, cuticles, and a wonderful massage balm that leaves no greasiness or residue, just silky smooth skin. I'm constantly sharing just how lovely it is. My hero product!! Thank you and well done Nina.

Anne B-H. - York • Yorkshire