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Nutribalm® Review | British Beauty Blogger

I’ve never used a skin balm before so when Nutribalm very kindly send me a couple of samples I was eager to try them on both me and my son. Nutribalm are a company based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire where I lived from the ages of five to eight. I love UK companies and I love smaller companies too, I often find the quality is much better and the customer care is of a much higher standard compared to large companies that use call centres. Their skin balms are formulated by a osteopathic and naturopathic clinician who has over twenty one years of experience. Their products are available for anybody of any age, even babies, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and the elderly. Great right?

These products are also cruelty free, made with only natural ingredients which are suitable for vegans. They can be used for chapped lips, nail cuticles, dry skin and split ends too. The products come in two types currently; energise me and relax me. The energise me balm is the one I’ve been reaching for when I’ve felt tired and sluggish in the afternoons and I personally feel that it has made a difference instead of me reaching for another cup of coffee. It smells so good too and a little goes a long way so I think these samples will last me quite a long time. They each are sold on their website in 20ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes depending on your needs.

Relax me is the one I have been using on my son as he has difficulty staying asleep, it’s lavender scented, I apply a little bit to the back of his neck as he sleeps on his front and it seems to soothe him more if I apply it half an hour before I intend to put him to bed. His sleeping pattern changes all the time, some nights he sleeps all night, sometimes he’s awake at 3am for the day, other times he wakes up at 2am and goes back down after a couple of hours but I definitely feel like this has made an improvement on actually settling him down for bed.

If you’d like to find out more about Nutribalm you can find them at Nutribalm and at their twitter account @nutribalm.
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OCTOBER 22, 2016


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