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Nutribalm® Hydrating Skin Balm • Beauty Blogger Review

By Francesca Nelson | Beauty Blogger – www.reallyree.com

Nutribalm is a brand new essential oil skincare brand born out of Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Their aim was to create an all natural skin balm product suitable for all skin types, for use every day. This means that their Nutribalm Hydrating Skin Balm can be used for almost anything, such as treating dry skin, cuticle oil and as a body moisturiser. Both of their incredibly scented balms are suitable for all ages, including children.

It’s rare to come across a brand that uses all natural products these days. Nutribalm even goes a step further, making sure their products are suitable for vegans & vegetarians whilst being gluten and wheat free. And they don’t test on animals! As I opened one of the pots the fragrance flooded the air and I went into a bit of a daze admiring the aromas. I read the ingredients on the leaflet provided, which only made me adore them even more; Lavender oil, cocoa butter, almond oil, rosehip seed oil and organ oil, just to name a few! I couldn’t wait to smother my skin in them.

Each pot comes with a little spatula to make your life easier when scooping out the balm. You then place the balm into your hands. It starts to melt pretty much straight away from the heat of your palms and you can then work it over whatever area you’d like. I smothered my hands and wrists in the ‘Energise me’ balm for a surge of get up and go, I felt like it really lifted my spirits and I felt able to crack on with the day.

My partner and I then used the ‘Relax me’ balm together. We’re really into massage and relaxation (with two kids who wouldn’t be!) so we used the balm as a massage oil. I was in a such a relaxed state, the scent of the lavender was heavenly and the balms massaged and soaked into my skin really well. My skin felt so smooth and soft after the massage which makes them great for use as body butters and moisturisers! I slept incredibly well that night which is unlike me as I’m quite a light sleeper most of the time. My skin often feels dry on my hands and knees but these balms really hydrated those areas without irritation. I’d recommend these to everyone since they are multi-purpose and great for anyone.

Why not even buy a few 20ml pots as presents this Christmas? Your friends and family will love you for it!

Francesca xox

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